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Good Morning Gorgeous

While going through my morning routine which includes 20 minutes of cardio, to keep it interesting I have several ways to achieve this including but not limited to dancing, jumping/dancing on a mini trampoline and weighted hula hooping. Starting my day this way is a lot of fun. I do this most days of the week.

If I’m lucky, I catch a 20-minute commercial free DJ’d set on a radio morning show. Well, this particular morning, I wasn’t so lucky and had to select a random playlist on Amazon Music. The first couple of songs played were familiar, up tempo and perfect for my routine. Then this unfamiliar song played that wasn’t up tempo but was catchy. The song in question titled “Good Morning Gorgeous” was good but too slow so I skipped it to get to the next song. I finished my 20 minutes and went on with my day but couldn’t get that song out of my mind.

I looked up the song and found that it is a Mary J. Blige song. Now, the funny thing about this is that I am not and never have been a Mary J Blige fan. I really don’t like her music. I can see the eyes rolling but cut me some slack. I am sure there are super successful artists out there that you don’t like. I am sorry but I find her voice to be a bit annoying. I do, however, enjoy her in movies. I recently binged a Netflix show, The Umbrella Academy, where she plays one of the antagonists and she did a fine job in that series.

Back to the song, Good Morning Gorgeous, if you haven’t heard it, it has a powerful message that is good for anyone who has been through tough times or have had self-doubt or even if you need a reminder that you are indeed gorgeous. I really like this song. So much so, that I now greet myself each day in the mirror with a big ole, “Good morning gorgeous”!

One last admission…after enjoying this song, I attempted to listen to some of Mary J’s catalog. I was thinking maybe, I’d missed something. I wanted to give her another try. But nah, my opinion is the same. I can’t get with her music. Maybe it’s the positive lyrics of this one song that gets me past the sound of the vocals. I don’t know, but it’s the only one.

I will leave you with this sage old adage…you are who and what you say you are. What are you saying to yourself?


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