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Vitamin D is a Superstar

Vitamin D has become quite the star. Since the pandemic started there have been so many social media posts and stories written about our vitamin d levels. Just yesterday US News posted a story titled “High Vitamin D Levels May Help Prevent COVID-19, Especially in Black Patients”. Researchers have found that folks with high levels of vitamin D had some extra protection against COVID19. Dr. David Meltzer was quoted when referencing a recent study “the results tell us that having vitamin D levels above those normally considered sufficient is associated with decreased risk of testing positive for COVID-19, at least in Black individuals”. Finally, some good health related news for Black people. Before we celebrate, you should know that another study conducted by the Cooper Institute shows that Black Americans have the greatest risk of being vitamin D deficient. From the results, it is estimated that 40% of American adults may be vitamin D deficient. For Black Americans the number is nearly doubled at a whopping 76%.

Vitamin D is really important for our overall health and wellness. Finding out about the added protection against COVID-19 is an added bonus. The following list points out a list of problems linked to being vitamin D deficient that I found on the Wellness Mama website. According to the article the list was certified by a medical doctor.

Cancer – Vitamin D plays a big role in cancer prevention and treatment. In fact, research is now estimating that 75% of cancers can be prevented by adequate consumption of vitamin D.

Low Calcium Levels – Vitamin D controls calcium and phosphate levels in the blood and contributes to bone growth and bone strength. That’s because it regulates the absorption and transport of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus needed for bone mineralization.

Weakened Immune System – Ever heard of those “t-cells” that protects your body against bacteria and disease? Vitamin D is crucial in their creation and function. Ultimately, this vital nutrient can help keep illnesses at bay.

Inflammation – Lack of vitamin D can cause inflammation in the body.

Poor Hormone Health – Vitamin D regulates vital components of hormones and neurotransmitters like serotonin. It also helps control cell growth, and can help lower insulin resistance.

If you have questions or don’t know your vitamin D status, I suggest you contact your doctor. Following are some questions that could help with that conversation.

  • What are my vitamin D levels?

  • What should they be?

  • How can I get more vitamin D?

  • What type of supplement is the best?

  • How much vitamin D should I be taking?

In closing, you get vitamin D by eating oily fish, egg yolks, and by eating and drinking foods that have been fortified with vitamin D (some cereals, orange juice and milk). You can also take a vitamin D supplement. Last but not least, you can go outside and take in some sun rays. In fact, now that spring has arrived I suggest you take a walk outside, savor the sunshine and give yourself a boost of this superstar Vitamin!


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