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About Us

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Lou has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of South Carolina; a Master’s in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University and a JD from the T.C. Williams School of Law at the University of Richmond.


After a lengthy career, I recently retired from an executive position in local government. I plan to talk freely about issues that impact our lives garnered from not only my various professional roles but also my roles as a wife and mom. Not in a way that’s combative and thus unproductive, but hopefully in a manner that engages listeners  in conversations which help us all to look at our life choices and see what we can do to tweak our decision-making to improve the quality of our lives and fight for our better selves.


I believe I have a way of communicating that breaks down information into understandable parts. I love to read. I can read instructions to how to assemble a lawnmower and be intrigued. Listeners can count on me to ferret out information and share my findings with them and to seek out a myriad of resources to question and support those findings.


Lastly, I laugh at myself. (Friends and family will tell you, there’s a lot to laugh about when it comes to my life!) I hope we can use humor to laugh together and learn together. I am looking forward to the journey.



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 Teresa has a B.S. in Computer Science from Spelman College. She is also a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP).  


I am married and have two daughters.  My husband was sick for a while and was managing to exist from day to day by taking some very dangerous and potentially life altering drugs. It was during this period that we sought the help of a naturopath. The naturopath suggested some dietary changes;  within months he was noticeably better. From this experience my curiosity for how food can both heal us and make us sick birthed in me a personal passion for holistic and natural living.  For years I have voraciously studied natural health, attended numerous seminars and conferences and have held small workshops to share information on natural health. I have served as an informal health advocate by showing others how to tweak recipes that we love, to make them delicious and healthy. 


What good is it to make healthy mac ‘n cheese if no one eats it?! Well, I have changed up this staple recipe (along with many others) and folks not only eat it, they ask for seconds! I want to explore  how we can preserve and even heal ourselves by getting back to the basics of eating whole foods, getting proper rest and exercise and cleaning up our environment.


I want to provide the type of information listeners would like to hear. I also plan to share some very personal stories to show that  I too am not exempt from experiencing episodes of poor health. I work long hours as an IT Manager for a large corporation and recently dealt with my own health challenges. My sincere hope is that listeners will join us weekly and that together we can make strides toward great health. Let’s do this!



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