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Car Repair Blues

I drive what some people consider a “luxury” car. I treated myself to the car when I got out of combat, I mean when I retired. Trust me, it felt like combat most days. I was happy I survived and believed the occasion merited a worthy semblance to mark the significant ending.


My oldest brother Henry (“Hen”) encouraged me to do it. When Hen retired, he bought a BMW fully loaded. It was a showstopper and Hen enjoyed tooling around in it. He told me when I retired, I should treat myself. My retirement was fast approaching and since I have lacked creativity since I was a small child and fail at coming up with an original thought under pressure, I followed Hen’s example and bought a car. Apparently, my big brother’s pockets were a lot deeper than mine.


Last year, the computer system malfunctioned so I had to have that replaced. The total amount was about $2K. During the recent holidays someone hit my car in the rear which resulted in a crack in my rear light. My inspection is due this month, so I had that fixed last week and also told them to do the routine maintenance that was due. That bill was also $2K.


When I told a friend about it, without missing a beat, she said that was to be expected and I should have known that before I bought the car. She asked me did I do any research on potential repair costs before I bought the car? I decided right then that I would be getting another car and another friend. I am just kidding. I wouldn’t trade her for anything but I am going to tell her that when I am hurting, she can tell me the truth, but I need the softer admonishment. I am also going to tell her that if she still prefers the harsh admonishment it will come at a cost. No, not our friendship but she can put something on this bill.








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