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Easy Resolution

In past years, I would take my time and engage in deep thought as I contemplated my resolutions for the new year. What resolution could I make that would push me and propel me in the direction I wanted to go? The new year just seems like the perfect time to think about your aspirational goals. What do you desire? A new job, a new house, a smaller number on the scale, a bigger number on your paycheck, a new boo? The possibilities are endless. That’s what makes it so exciting! The new year gives me hope that I can have the life I want, and it all begins with getting my resolutions just right and following through.

I was all set to stick with my status quo and figure out what my resolutions for 2023 would be when I saw a quote that spoke to me. The quote? “Let it be easy.” When I saw the words, I felt lighter, my breathing slowed, and my shoulders relaxed. My stress level seemed to decrease.

I paid attention because the words were so counter to what I have been feeling lately. For most of 2022, I was cruising along and having a wonderful year and then, all of a sudden, I had some major life stuff happening that makes me feel like I am paddling uphill to manage it all. Don’t get me wrong, I know this too shall pass and will one day be but another challenge that I overcame in my life. But that day is still on the horizon.

However, the quote gave me permission to not intentionally add pressure when life has handed me more than enough. In deference to that wisdom, I thought about a resolution that was good for me and was also easy. My 2023 resolution? I will read more. Yes, reading is my favorite thing to do. You may be wondering; how can that possibly be my resolution since I love to read? Although I love to read, since Teresa and I started Earrings Off! I rarely read just for the sheer joy of reading. Earrings Off! has turned my favorite hobby into a chore. Since we began our podcast and blog, I only read to fulfill tasks related to publishing the podcast or blog. I do so much reading to execute my responsibilities relative to the business, I find that I am not motivated to read when I do have time. When I have free time, I don’t have the desire to read so I just plop in front of the TV and watch sports or some mindless show.

In 2023, I am going to indulge in my favorite activity, and I am not going to take notes to be used (in some capacity) for the show and I am not going to choose books with a focus on what topic might be of value to the show. I resolve to read because reading breathes life into my soul and revives my spirit.

Perhaps you should consider making your resolution something that you love but have not made time in your schedule for lately. What you love to do has been edged out by what you have to do. What feeds your soul has been replaced by activities that feed your bank account. I get that. I have been there, but this year, in 2023, I’m doing what’s easy because sometimes life can be hard and right now “easy” is my sweet spot.

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