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Lisa Salters Has My Dream Job

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Don't mind me. Tonight I am sitting on the sofa watching Lisa Salters cover quarterback Aaron Rogers (formerly with the Green Bay Packers) make his debut with the Jets on Monday Night Football.

I am not by nature an envious woman. You know the kind that doesn't champion other women and doesn't celebrate when other women do well. I have always celebrated the wins of other women. I take particular delight when it's a black female who excels at her job. However, watching Lisa reminds me of the sad state of my life. I feel like they may have cloned her! Lisa is everywhere, consistently exceling at every turn. I feel like she is taunting me! Why you ask? Let me explain.

I went to a breakfast spot recently and the cashier told me that they ask all first-time customers a question. The customer’s response is used to identify them when their order is ready. I was asked “What is your dream job?” Without hesitation I responded I would be a sports reporter for ESPN. It was the first thing I thought of, and I want you to know, it was not ill-conceived. That really is my dream job.

Sports reporters get to talk about sports, study sports, go to all the games and get to banter with athletes and the top pundits in the sports world. They get paid really well. I don’t know about you, but for me that would be a dream come true.

One of the first things I do after I get up is to check the TV schedule to see what games will be broadcast that night. I need to sync my schedule to see if there is something I can’t miss. I do this every morning. Without fail.

I think if I had been born later, I would have absolutely pursued that as a career. (For the record I have quite a few years on Lisa.) When I was plotting my career path, female sports anchors were not prevalent. I certainly don’t remember seeing them. But there they are now, all over the place. In addition to Lisa there are many other female sports reporters such as Carolyn Peck, Erin Andrews, Maria Taylor and Rebecca Lobo who also do their job exceptionally well and add a different , much-needed element to the shows. They spice things up and I am here for it!

A few weeks ago I watched the Utah-Florida football game. I didn’t know any of the players and I can assure you that didn't matter. A few minutes into the game I was yelling like my very life depended on the outcome. (Hence the reason why my husband does not allow me to attend Super Bowl parties.) During that game sports reporter Kelly Rowe interviewed one of the coaches. I had just watched Kelly earlier in the week when she was working a WNBA game. Kelly most likely hopped on a plane (probably with VIP credentials), to work the Utah-Florida game.

I love Lisa, Holly and the others but when I see them I am a little sad because it reminds me that those women have my dream job and I’m stuck on the sofa writing this stupid blog.

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