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Morning Routines

By now if you listen to the Earrings Off Podcast or read our blogs with regularity, you’ve heard or read me mention my morning routine. I’ve now read a couple of personal development books, and magazines, and have listened to quite a few personal development related podcasts. You’d be surprised at the number of successful people who swear by their morning routines. It has been reported that having a morning routine sets the tone for your day and can influence how you will feel and how productive and happy your day will be. In the book, The Miracle Morning, the author states, “Focused, productive, successful mornings generate focused, productive, successful days—which inevitably create a successful life.”

Having a morning routine may promote wellness and productivity. From exercising to avoiding the urge to pick up your cell phone first thing, there are many actions you can take to create a morning routine that will work for you. Consider it part of your self care practice. If you are new to this concept, I’d like to share a few things to get you started with creating a morning routine of your own.

  • Start the night before with getting to bed and getting a good night’s sleep

  • Dance to your favorite playlist

  • Drink a glass of water

  • Make your bed

  • Meditate

  • Journal

  • Exercise

  • Read a book

  • Do some yoga

  • Write or review your daily to do list

You can incorporate all, some, or none of the above in a morning routine. The key is for you to find what that thing is that will motivate and inspire you to be happy and productive. For me, it’s journaling and dancing. Then getting dressed and having a nice cup of hot tea.


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