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Let Me Out!

There is a popular parody on Tik Tok where this little boy is clearly upset, and he visibly wants to get out of the house. He keeps repeating (while trying to escape) “I hate this house. I haaaate this house!” I don’t hate my house, but I too want to freely go out. In the past when I have known I was going to face a challenge (and had the good fortune to see it coming) I would create a plan which considered all the different variables to help me successfully manage the challenge.

I watch the news about COVID-19 and the variant , I understand the seriousness of the infection and the correlating impact on my life. I get it. To stay safe, we must be cautious about where we go and how to interact. I still weigh the risks when deciding what I will do when I get invited to events. While I know the nail salon is not essential, I have kept a few appointments, but I do not visit as once I once did. Not even close. After a few weeks into the pandemic I even adjusted to how I looked with half of my brow missing after I tried to shape them up a bit. Back then, I was a bit smug, happy that at least that I was safely at home. I had food, phone and internet, books and Netflix so I figured I was in good shape.

However, now it’s weighing on me like many other. I just didn’t know we would still be maneuvering through our lives some years later with the virus being the number one consideration.

I’m far from a child. The bible says when you grow up, you put away childish things. Well, let me say I want my childish things back. I want to go outside freely without a mask obstructing the air. I want to touch things and not have to wash my hands singing the birthday song with no one giving me a gift. I want to see family, friends and colleagues, as they really are, not reduced to a small frame in Zoom.

I want to see more little kids out and about when I go about my day. I really miss them. I want to see them at the store taking their time, checking out the merchandise, freely touching and exploring their environment without abandon. I want my old, pre-pandemic life back.

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