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Aloe Vera to the Rescue

Let me just say it, I love natural remedies! Recently while making a cup of green tea, I accidently poured hot water on my hand! It really burned not right away but moments later. As I was thinking I should probably go to the doctor, my mom suggested aloe vera. Yes, pure aloe vera straight from the plant that is growing in her back yard. When I tell you the moment that the aloe from the leaf of the plant touched the back of my hand, it cooled immediately. I continued to apply the aloe a few times a day with amazing results. Not only did it successfully treat the burn but it moisturized the skin on the backs of my hands. The anti-inflammatory property of the plant kept the swelling and blistering at bay for me. Other great properties of aloe include being antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic.

Following are a few other amazing benefits of aloe vera include:

Clears acne and moisturizes skin

Relieves constipation

Improves dry hair

Lowers blood sugar levels

Natural remedies are great but it should be noted that allergic reactions can occur. They could interfere with medications. Therefore please consult your doctor if you decide to ingest natural remedies while on prescribed medications.


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