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Cheap date

Ok, I am just going to say it. All of my hard work is slipping away right before my eyes. I have spent the better part of my life teaching my husband how to show his appreciation of me in our relationship. No, it wasn’t anything major. Just the usual stuff most women enjoy. Costly vacations, expensive gifts and intimate dinners at our favorite restaurants. Outings that let you know you’re special and deserving of the trappings which denote a special occasion. For example, I always knew for my birthday we would go to my favorite steakhouse and for our anniversary we would reserve a special table at our favorite Italian restaurant. Through the years I have shared just where I wanted to go for specific celebrations and he would gamely make all the arrangements in advance to make sure we had a great time. Now, I don’t even have to say where I would like to go. He remembers and handles it. And I am good with that.

However, lately because of COVID-19, the only places we go are to the grocery store and to pick up dinner. I am so tired of being inside and desperately want to see people any chance I get, so of course I happily go along for the ride to the store or curbside pick-up location. He doesn’t go anywhere without asking, “Do you want to go?” The longer we are in this quarantine, the more excited I become when asked if I would like to go along for the ride. I immediately stop whatever I am doing and practically run to get my shoes. No sooner than he asks, I am by his side, ready to walk out the door. I’m surprising myself at how quickly I can get dressed. Didn’t know I was still that agile. My husband seems happy when I tag along, and I am happier too. But I see what’s happening and I am not happy about what I am losing during this quarantine.

When this is over instead of being asked out to a concert or movie or an international excursion, my husband will remember how simple things like going to the store once made me so happy. I am afraid he will think that a drive to the store will suffice. And sadly then, the retraining will begin. I don’t have the energy for it and I really don’t look forward to having to take him back to school, but it’s something I must do. I will gather myself, develop my strategy and go all in. Not just for me but for all women. And if he proves as stubborn as he was the first time around, I have my work cut out for me!


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