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Choose Happiness

Recently, I found myself feeling a bit overwhelmed, down and out, blah and overwhelmed, wait I said that already. You get the point, just not my usual happy, most of the time self. I’ve read so many books on this subject. I’ve even been counseled by many on the subject of how to be happy. Heck, I have even used the information that has been shared with me and that I’ve read to help others. So, why did it take me so long to remember that I had the tools to break out of this funk that had overcome me? Interested in what actions I took, keep reading!

I chose happiness. Sure, I had to face and identify what exactly was triggering those feelings. I journaled intently. I adjusted my mindset. I accepted that I am not going to feel great all the time and I have accepted that.

After acknowledging feelings, my first inclination was to soothe myself by giving into my sweet tooth. Sweets are my go-to when dealing with these feelings. Giving into your coping mechanism, like sweets, chocolate, and any bad for you comfort food is the wrong thing to do.

Remember that words matter. What you tell yourself about yourself affects how you see yourself. I changed how I thought of and referred to myself. I used my positive affirmations.

I meditated, used my breathing techniques, and exercised. Taking slow, deep belly breaths is quite therapeutic. Exercise releases endorphins and generally makes me feel good. Meditation helps to slow down thoughts and has a ton of great benefits.

Remembering and actively choosing the above have been quite beneficial in getting me back on track. However, I’m not naive in thinking for some even these aren’t enough. In that case find yourself a good therapist and make an appointment pronto!


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