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Coming soon: The Community Table

We will soon be introducing the signature feature of Earrings Off! Our signature feature is the Community Table. In our community, gathering around the table on Sunday afternoons was sometimes the only time we had where we could digest the concerns of the week. Remember the movie and sitcom Soul Food? That show covered a lot of ground during the meal. There were some tense moments, but you always knew that love would win out in the end. During our memories of similar dinners in our own families we both shared that we could talk freely and share our opinions. We learned how to handle what life threw at us. We got all types of advice (some good, some questionable and some which can only be attributed to an overload of carbs during the meal). Those discussions strengthened us and yes, emboldened us.

During the Community Table we hope to share knowledge that will serve as an additional resource to critique where we are and to consider changes to improve our lives. We have asked experts that we know, who come from various backgrounds and experience , to speak with us and share their valuable knowledge with our audience. During Community Table discussions, we will discuss many different issues including how to thrive at work, parenting successes and dilemmas and relationship challenges. We will also cover sound financial tips such as how to get out of debt. These are just some of the planned conversations. We really hope our listeners will weigh in and help determine the direction of these discussions by letting us know what you want to cover. What questions do you have and what information would help you better manage your priorities? If you tell us about your concerns, interests and questions, you have our word that we will do our very best to find appropriate and knowledgeable partners to address them.

In today’s society, it seems like it is politically incorrect to admit that you have some years on you. However, when we take this posture as a community, we betray the legacy demonstrated by our elders when they freely shared their struggles and their triumphs. That reluctance in some ways negates the fact that our years of living have afforded us experiences and knowledge that are invaluable to those coming behind us. Join us as we sit around the table and talk candidly. Here at Earrings Off! we sincerely hope we can all bring our respective experiences and resources to the table in an effort to manifest the very best version of ourselves. Don’t be shy: Please send in your requests for future Community Table topics to

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