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Dry Brushing

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Dry brushing is an ancient ayurvedic ritual that involves brushing your entire body with a brush. This practice has become very popular it’s even being offered as a service in some top spas. There are many benefits to dry brushing that I will detail further below.

Dry brushing is done over the entire body. I dry brush before showering. The brush strokes should be long and smooth and executed toward the heart. Begin with your feet working your way up your legs, torso, arms and then your chest. When you reach your chest area above your heart, be sure to change the direction of brushing down towards the heart. No matter which part of your body that you are brushing, the strokes should always be directed towards your heart. Be careful to not brush your skin too hard; keep the strokes firm but light. Brushing the skin should not cause the skin to become red and sensitive.

Some of the benefits to dry brushing include:

  1. Exfoliation of the skin – dry brushing brushes away the dead skin cells off of the top layer of skin.

  2. Removes cellulite - Dry brushing helps to increase circulation and break up cellulite

I must add that the benefits of dry brushing have not been widely studied. The worst that can happen if you brush too hard is skin redness or sensitivity. The brush that I use is similar to the one found here. The best thing that can happen is smooth, buffed, shiny skin and a tradition that surely fits into all of your self- care routines!



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