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End of 2021

Well, here we are, the end of another year. I’m not going to lie, 2021 was tough year. I believe that I can speak for many when I say, good riddance and bah bye 2021. You’ve heard it before, dwelling on the negative only makes things worst. I would like to share a few tips to help with getting me through the last couple of weeks and to set the foundation for a great new year.

  1. Gratitude – even though 2021 was a tough year, I am grateful for it. I make it a habit of finding good or the bright side in all situations. Having a gratitude practice has seen me through some very tough moments.

  2. Acknowledge Achievements – I like to spend time at the end of the year reviewing what worked and what didn’t; what I need to do more of, etc. I pay extra attention to the highlights and achievements. I still find myself, several months later, smiling when I think about the success of Earrings Off’s first women’s conference.

  3. Purge – the last 2 weeks of the year provide me an opportunity to do some deep cleaning and to clear out my closet and drawers. I also clean up my email box. I like starting year with a fresh email box. Of course, it is my intention to address all emails daily. Unfortunately, somewhere down the line, the practice gets lost.

  4. Reconnect – this time of year is the best for reconnecting with family members and friends that I’ve lost touch with.

  5. Planning – I have the greatest of intention to start planning for the following year in November. That doesn’t always happen. But certainly, before January I have an idea about how at least the first half of the year will go and an idea of some goals for the year.

These are a few of my tips for ending the year on a high and starting the new year fresh and new. I encourage you to, if you don’t already have a similar approach, develop your own plan. Make it a great new year!

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