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Facts on VP Candidate Kamala Harris

Today, we would be greatly remiss if we didn’t take some time to acknowledge the coming democratic nomination of U.S Senator Kamala Harris for Vice-President of the United States. We wanted to note her background and many accomplishments all of which make her uniquely qualified for her new role should the democrats win in November. Before we reference Ms. Harris’ highlights, we offer the eloquent words of fellow podcaster, former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Mrs. Obama writes:

“You get used to it, even as a little girl- opening the newspaper, turning on the TV, and hardly ever seeing anyone who looks like you. You train yourself to not get your hopes up. And sometimes it’s a battle just to keep telling yourself that you deserve more. Because no matter how much you prepare, no matter what grades you get or even how high you rise at work, it always feels like someone is waiting to tell you that you’re not qualified. That you’re not smart enough. That you’re too loud or too bossy. That there’s something about you…you’re just not quite the right fit.

Change can be slow and frustrating, but signs of progress are all around us. This week Senator @KamalaHarris, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, became the first Black woman on a major party’s presidential ticket. I’ve been thinking about all those girls growing up today who will be able to take it for granted that someone who looks like them can grow up to lead a nation like ours. Because @KamalaHarris may be the first, but she won’t be the last.

I am here for it all. Let us embrace and celebrate this moment. Go get ‘em girl.”

Kamala was born in Oakland, California on October 20, 1964

Attended Thousand Oaks Elementary School

Attended Middle School and High School in Montreal

After graduating high School, Kamala attended Howard University

At Howard University Kamala pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Graduated from the University of California’s Hastings College of Law in 1989

Began her career in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office

Was recruited to the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office and the City Attorney of San Francisco’s office

Elected District Attorney of San Francisco in 2004

In 2005 the National Black Prosecutor’s Association awarded Harris the Thurgood Marshall Award

Was elected 32nd Attorney General of California in 2010

Worked with Attorney generals and helped deliver a landmark $25-billion in financial relief to California homeowners flattened by the foreclosure crisis. Harris received national acclaim for her tenacious negotiating during the settlement talks, which substantially increased the direct relief amount. During the negotiations she became friends with Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, The presumptive Presidential Nominee’s son who died from brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46

In 2013 Time Magazine named Harris as one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World”

After meeting him on a blind date, Harris married divorcee Douglas Emhoff, a prominent entertainment lawyer in 2014

Stepmother to Emhoff’s adult children Cole and Ella, who endearingly call her Momala

Defeated Loretta Sanchez and was elected Senator from California in 2017 after the retirement of Barbara Boxer

Ran for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination before ending her campaign in December of 2019

· Many, many people have offered well wishes to Sen. Harris. We sincerely add ours to that ever-growing list. We share the following words of congratulations from Whoopie Goldberg. Goldberg's well wishes includes an important charge for us to look out for Kamala.

“Let’s take care of her and make sure we are supportive of her because this is a no nonsense race and she is ready. Go Kamala!”

As hosts of Earrings Off, in closing, we echo the words of Michelle Obama: We are here for all of it.

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