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Green Tea is the Cure

I am just going to say this: I care more about you than Teresa. Don’t feel bad; Teresa doesn’t care about me either. If she did, she wouldn’t just sit on information that can make our lives better.

Last weekend I went to lunch with several former colleagues. We had a lovely lunch which ended with homemade coconut cake. The minute I bit into a slice of cake I knew there was a lot of sugar. However, my sugar addiction being what it is, I didn’t pull back or tell myself to just take a bite to polite. No, I plunged right in! That sugar went straight to my head. I went home and drank lots of water because I think that drinking large amounts of water cures any malady. I was ok the next day. I felt a bit off, but I was managing. That evening my husband and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. Instead of turning down dessert, I decided to try the dessert called “death by chocolate.” Yes, that’s a good name for it; lots of heavy chocolate and a tremendous amount of sugar. Sometimes, I really do wonder if I have any brain cells in my head. I knew when I was considering dessert, it was a bad idea, and I knew when I chose the death by chocolate option that it was a terrible idea, and I knew when I took the first bite that I would pay for it dearly later. But that did not stop me or deter me one bit from ordering the death by chocolate and wasting no time in inhaling it.

I started feeling queasy when I got home that evening and felt horrible the next morning. I got dressed to go to the gym and knew I wasn’t up to that level of movement. I was sick all day. So sick that I ate seven cherries all day and drank nothing but water. When I don’t have coffee, I am either fasting or sick. I moaned and groaned all day.

That evening Teresa called me about Earrings Off! business and she was just rattling on about what we had to do. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I said, “I don’t feel well.” I told her about the sugar. She told me to drink green tea. I did and I tell you folks, that is the key to sugar overload. I felt soooo much better. I slept well that night and now I feel normal.

My advice to you: Read Teresa’s blogs and listen to our podcasts. There’s a lot of information that will make your day (and your health) better. Oh, and stay away from any dessert called “death by chocolate.”

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