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I Believe You

I see you as I go to and fro

Walking with purpose and strength

Past atrocities denied by your ever-present glow

The message of less than, intentionally embedded in your wavelength

Admired for your beauty, chastised for your intelligence, firmly denied when you choose to speak up, to grow

Society tears you down over and over

Don’t you know you are property?

When men approach you and you say no, they do not hear you

Property has no audible voice

And so, they plunge ahead with unwanted advances

Why would you think you had a choice?

So painful to not be believed but to instead be asked “what did you do?” Asked






Education was required, mandated by your new fate

It was all good until you used that education to analyze and began to again walk up straight

Eyes no longer cast down

Mouths no longer willing to apologize for your wants, your truths and your needs

You want to be heard, they look on with a frown

The truth is that a sexual assault was committed

Against you

The pain sometimes returns

What can you do

Try hard to forget

You need justice

You need for the random ways you are reminded of what you endured and the many times you are unwillingly transported back to it, to stop

You need those who have committed these acts to know that there will be repercussions

You are living yours

You want them to feel skittish too, to wonder when the shoe will drop

I am inspired when I hear of your triumphs and your victories

The sharing of your truths

You who somehow manage to retain your dignity in the face of societal indecencies and yes, criminal behavior

The little ones are in awe of you

You who keep the wheels on the bus running when they violently shake and rattle and threaten to fall off

My dear sisters of every size, shape and hue

Because of you, they will never believe the lie, the story

They will immediately know the shame belongs only to the monster

In case you have not heard this before, hear it now, in all its glory


If you went to his location

You did nothing

If you had too much to drink and even showed its effects

You did nothing

If your dress was too short

You did nothing

If the “girls” were showing and looked a bit enticing

You did nothing

Someone failed to teach him that you are not to touch intimate parts of another’s body without clearly given consent

What he did was fail to subdue the monster within

Shame on him

Shame too on those with similar anatomy who sit in the decider’s box and say nothing, and thus by their acquiescence allow what you wore to be part of the continuing narrative

Yes, I see you as I go to and fro

Walking with purpose

Cloaked in strength,casting a shadow with your fearlessness

Glow on

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