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Our People are Dying...

This week early statistics show that black people more than any other group are dying after being exposed to COVID-19. The reason will likely be debated years after this virus is under control or eradicated.

As I understand from listening to the news about this, that early on in the outbreak, folks in the community were saying we were immune to this virus! If I hadn’t since heard this from multiple sources I would have had a difficult time believing this to be true. However sad and unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true. Multiple news networks are reporting this news and I am really angry!

Just in case someone is reading this and has been living under a rock for the last couple of months…COVID-19 is real and it doesn’t discriminate. If you are exposed, you can become infected, you can die or you can be asymptomatic and pass the disease on to someone that can die.

Most states are under some sort of stay at home/shelter in place order. The CDC recommends that we social distance ourselves. It is now recommended that we wear masks in public. Thus far, it has not been recommended to wear gloves and eye coverings, but I believe those also when used properly could provide some protection.

Based on this, I believe that black people have become sick and didn’t have to. They’ve also died needlessly. This all because of the notion that black people didn’t think they could contract the virus. I really have a hard time understanding how we can troll people for how we perceived an interview to have gone, for not wearing what we think is appropriate clothing for their body size, etc. Things that in the scheme of things don’t even matter, but when it comes to matters of our health we don’t take that seriously enough at all and it is troubling to me. Because, if we don’t, then who will consider it a priority? People, we need to wake up.

I was reminded today that this is not the first time this has happened to our community. Remember the AIDS epidemic? Yep, it quickly spread through our community that AIDS was a gay white man disease. And now the face of AIDS is African-Americans. When will we learn?

We have got to wake up people! We have got to listen! We have got to pay attention! We have got to learn!

Another thing I am having a hard time understanding is the notion that being quarantined and staying at home is hard. Yes, it is hard but you know what else is hard? Becoming ill and hopefully recovering but likely (if you have some underlying conditions heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma) dying. It is tough and to survive it with some sanity, I suggest you accept this as your new normal for a while. Set up a routine that you can follow daily. Know that this is temporary but necessary.

Connect virtually with old friends and family. Clean or organize a closet. Read a book, write a book. Take the time to learn a new skill. Work hard to stay alive.

I taught my mother how to use her tablet to video chat. Now we have been chatting daily over breakfast and coffee. It has been quite a treat.

Just so you know some actual statistics, the following was taken from a recent CNN article…

“In Michigan, 34% of Covid cases and 40% of deaths are in African Americans, while the state has a mere 14% African American population. In Illinois, 29% of confirmed Covid cases and 41% of deaths are in African Americans, but they represent just 15% of the state population. Seventy percent of Chicago's Covid mortality has been in black residents, although the city is only 29% black. Louisiana is suffering a similar fate: 70% of Covid victims there are black.”

In closing, take this seriously folks. Create a new routine. Create good memories that will last you a lifetime! Much Love.

Stay Safe.


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