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Show Your Feet Some Love

Recently I was singing in the choir (Don’t trip. Yes, I sing!) and noticed that some women were in beautiful heels, and I was in my standard fare: low heeled shoes. I mentioned to the other women that the heels looked so pretty but that I no longer wear really high heels. Later I thought about that and realized that I stopped wearing them daily once I retired. (And no, it has nothing to do with the bunions on my feet. At least that’s the story I am sticking with!) Flush on the heels (no pun intended!) of my retirement was the pandemic and, like everyone else, I mostly stayed inside. You know that saying “Use it or lose it?” I think that’s what has happened to me.

Since I no longer routinely wear 5-inch heels, when I wear them, my feet feel so uncomfortable, and I can’t tolerate them for long. I like lower heels and there are many great styles available; however, sometimes I just want to wear something with a bit more height. Some people say wearing a larger shoe size works for them. That does not work for me. My shoes constantly slip off and I feel like I am wearing clown shoes. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) While I am trying to work my way back into getting comfortable again, I wanted to share some tips which may be helpful if you too are reluctant to wear heels but would like to wear them more frequently. The following tips were taken from Cosmopolitan Magazine (

Lose some height

If you know the heels are too high for you, go to a shoe repair shop and have them shortened.

Wear them inside

Before wearing your heels outside, wear them inside for a few hours with thick socks. This will help them stretch.

Pick the right shape of heel for your feet

If you are like me and your toes are wide, then stay away from pointy toe heels. They are not your friend. Invest in heel styles that you have found comfortable in the past.

Use moleskin

You can line your shoes with moleskin. You can also place them over blisters or any problem areas to minimize rubbing.

Try platform heels

There are great styles of platform heels readily available at most shoe stores.

Wear padded inserts

“If the balls of your feet are your main issue, sticky gel inserts that cushion that area are a game-changer.”

Use heel grips if your feet are narrow

This will stop your feet from coming out of the shoe.

I hope these tips ae helpful and serve to help you get ready for the party season ahead!

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