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Stay Mobile To Stay Independent

Mobility. That one word is critical to our quality of life. Mobility is the ability to move freely. This ability to move freely determines how independent you can be as you go about your day. If you have loved ones who gladly step up to help you when help is needed, count yourself blessed. However, you can be a blessing to them if you actively do your part to negate the need for their assistance or at best, to minimize it as much as possible.

We have to keep moving so that our muscles don’t weaken making us less able to move and care for ourselves. I am not talking about an acute injury such as a broken leg. I am talking about the chronic condition that we find ourselves in which keeps us from independently handling day to day tasks. Tasks such as walking, cooking a meal or performing routine hygiene care. Of course, the big concern is falling.

The following information was taken from a November 30, 2020 article from the National Institute of Health titled “Maintaining mobility and preventing disability are key to living independently as we age.”

“As we age, we may experience changes to our mobility. There are many reasons for these changes, including changes in gait (how we walk), balance, and physical strength.

All of these can increase the number and severity of falls and make it harder for older adults to go out and visit with friends and family and continue doing their activities independently. Older adults who lose their mobility are less likely to remain living at home; have higher rates of disease, disability, hospitalization, and death; and have poorer quality of life.”

Factors which negatively impact mobility:

· Lack of exercise

· Sitting for long periods of time

What can you do to maintain your mobility?

Eat a balanced diet to get the proper nutrients your body needs.

· Lift weights to maintain strength.

· See your doctor so they can identify and manage issues early.

Hopefully you can implement these steps, as needed, to maintain your mobility. The big benefit of maintaining your ability? You can continue to safely live independently as you age. That is a most worthy goal indeed.

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