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Thankful Musings

In this week’s podcast Teresa and I talk about trying to find the positives while we get through this virus scare. I admit it’s hard, but for my own sanity I have to do this. While the news about the coronavirus (or the COVID-19 for the cool folks) continues to dominate the news and cause major disruptions to life as we know it, while browsing on my phone I thought about how thankful I am that internet service has not been disrupted. It is hard not being able to go out, to not see family and friends, not go to the gym and not frequent my usual restaurants. Having internet and phone service has allowed me to receive updates and learn how to keep myself and others safe. It’s allowed me to see what part I can play to stop the spread of the virus. Cell phone service has kept me from losing my mind with worry about my family and friends. This got me to thinking what I still can do that makes this time just a bit easier. So…what follows is my list of things that are getting me through and for which I am truly thankful:

1) I am thankful that I am healthy and have no immediate need for health services. (i.e. I don’t have a toothache, so I can delay going in to see the dentist for a visit. I am in no pain so no need for any health care intervention presently. That’s a big hallelujah moment right there!)

2) I am thankful that I have the wherewithal to know that while I work hard to not need services this lessens the impact, stress and strain on healthcare professionals as they care for patients with real needs.

3) I am thankful that I run with a smart crowd who also know number 2 and act accordingly.

4) I am thankful that the healthcare professionals are amazing and do their jobs which require that they place themselves in harm’s way to treat and care for patients. Had I known this was coming I might have worked harder in school, so I too could be of true value in times of crisis, but I just didn’t understand chemistry. So, writing this blog is all I got.

5) I am thankful for the parents who are up to the task of homeschooling their children at home. I don’t have any school-age children at home and if I did that would not go well. In addition to challenges with chemistry, my absolute worse subject is math. I still remember standing before the blackboard when I was in 5th grade writing the answer to a math problem. When the teacher, Mr. Hudson, asked me how I got the answer (given the fact that the problem was well beyond my ability), I froze and told the truth: Teresa gave it to me. It’s true. One of my besties Teresa was a math whiz and was mouthing the answer the whole time. So, yes, I am thankful for teachers and parents capable of teaching. And those who write blogs about teaching. (Ok, well now I feel some kind of way about my skill set so I had to add that.)

6) I am thankful that I am not a vain person. (Not too vain anyway.) Before the virus hit I had a fairly routine schedule for my personal upkeep. Not so much for my hair since I wear it natural and work out most days which makes paying for a professional style somewhat of a waste. I just go to my stylist as needed depending on my workout schedule. However, I go get a pedicure, manicure and brow wax regularly. Without fail. I am doing the wax and manicure at home and I look a hot mess. More than usual. My friend told me to watch a YouTube video to learn how to do this better myself but frankly that sounds like work and honestly, I don’t care that much. Told you I am not vain.

7) I’m thankful for new discoveries. I love my church. (Have to say this first so when they reopen folks won’t hold this part against me and start throwing the oil around. Shout out to good ole SCBC.) But, since staying in, I have discovered this minister (Dharius Daniels) on YouTube and I have to tell you: The church of Lou ain’t so bad. I get his messages, they are short enough to hold my attention and deep enough to make me feel like its time well spent. Another perk is I get to pick the songs I want to hear from any choir I choose or better yet, I can pretend I am Miranda Curtis and sing myself. If this keeps up I may come out of this thing as a new and improved version of myself. That’s gotta be a good thing.

8) I’m thankful that my sixteen-month-old granddaughter is visiting. Watching her makes me forget about all the bad news. She doesn’t have a clue that our lives are at risk, that we aren’t just staying home with her because she’s cute or that we are cooking for her at home because we can’t eat out. As long as she’s fed, have people around her who can find baby shark and Sesame Street on TV then life is good. Although an added bonus for me would be figuring out a way to automatically lock the TV to stop baby shark and the same nursey rhyme from playing for the rest of the day after the second time. That would be something I would absolutely be grateful for.

9) Lastly, I am thankful that I am reminded every day that I don’t have to be an epidemiologist or ventilator manufacturer or healthcare professional to be a hero during this pandemic. I can be a hero by:

a. Heeding the precautions to practice washing my hands and using a sanitizer

b. If I cough or sneeze to cover my mouth; cough or sneeze into my sleeve

c. Staying home and if I go out, maintaining social distance (6 feet away)

d. Not gathering in groups larger than 10

e. Not touching my face

f. Quarantining myself if I develop symptoms or think I may have been exposed to the coronavirus

g. Not traveling

h. Not hoarding

i. Not buying supplies that are desperately needed by medical personnel

j. Continuing to pay for services I no longer receive (gym, yoga studio, nail salon, favorite restaurant, etc.) to try to ensure employees still get paid and the businesses will survive

k. Being kind

l. Not being judgmental by remembering when I see others that while we are all reacting to the same threat, we do so with very different resources and very different struggles or demands. Give others a break.

I hope you too will be a hero. We need everyone we can get.


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