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To Wear a Mask or Not to Wear a Mask

COVID-19 cases are on the rise. In just the last week, the number of infected people has risen to an all-time high with Texas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Tennessee and Utah reporting the highest single-day totals of new Covid-19 cases this past week. What are we to do? We all know the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations:

· Wash your hands

· Avoid close contact

· Cover your face with a cloth when around others

· Cover coughs and sneezes

· Clean and disinfect frequently touched areas

· Monitor your health

In addition to these, many states have additional steps and different recommendations. For instance 18 states have made mask/face coverings mandatory. Large gatherings are allowed in many states. Bars and restaurants have started to open in most states. Grocery stores are loosening their social distancing restrictions. With all the information that is flowing out there, the back and forth, the on and off again of it all, it is no wonder folks are confused, overwhelmed and we are seeing the rise in the number of infected persons. As might be the case with you, I and my family and friends are talking a lot about best practices when it comes to keeping safe these days. One recurring theme during those conversations is that we would like definitive direction from the White House. Another is that the news coming out of the White House is confusing and contradictory at best. It is causing a divide in how we approach this disease. The division appears to be occurring along party lines.

Some people I talk to feel that the people who support the President tend to do as he does. They don’t feel the need to social distance. They don’t feel the need to wear masks, etc. There are those that do support the President who want to wear a mask but don’t actually wear a mask for fear of being ridiculed and considered to be overreacting. To consider wearing a mask to be overreacting is a bit of a foreign concept to me.

Now, what I contend is that I want my family and I to be safe. To me what that looks like is to at least follow the guidelines of the CDC at minimal. What can it hurt to wear a mask in public? What’s the worst thing that can happen if you safely social distance, wash your hands and follow all the other CDC recommendations?

Saying that almost sounds really silly. The responsible unselfish thing to do is to follow the recommendations. By doing so you might just prevent yourself, a family member and maybe a stranger from catching COVID-19 or worse.

Wear the masks folks, follow the CDC guidelines. It’s the responsible thing to do!

The CDC recommendations/guidelines mentioned above can be found using the following url:

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