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When the Pain of Racism Colors Reality

For those who are rejoicing that Bill Cosby was released from prison: Your unwavering support of Bill, in the face of overwhelming evidence of his guilt and the fact that he admitted to the assault of women, to us indicates total disregard for women who have been the victim of sexual assault. It says something about Bill and it also says something about you. Your cover is blown.

Here at Earrings Off! we are not concerned with the possibility that he was going to buy NBC and “they were after him.” We are not concerned with “they send our men to prison but what about Harvey Weinstein.” We are not concerned with “the women willingly went to his room.” What we are concerned with: Bill admitted to drugging defenseless women and sexually assaulting them. Let that sink in. The women he drugged lost total control of their physical abilities to resist harm so that Cosby (hereafter referred to as the monster) could do whatever he wanted to do to them sexually. And the monster did just that.

Dear people, if your intent is to persuade us that he is innocent and deserving of support let us be clear: For the love of God, stay the hell away from us. All caps. Full stop.

Lou and Teresa

Co-hosts Earrings Off!

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