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You Already Got This!

I have a cocktail table in my bedroom. It’s mostly covered with current books my husband and I are reading. We keep current documents on the table that we need to review or file away. We also place drinks on the table in the evening if we want something while reading or watching TV. We have two coasters on the table; one for him and one for me. His coaster is made of marble and is quite sturdy. The one I typically use is made of wicker and is in bad shape. It has lost most of the wicker; so much so that when I place my drink on the coaster I also have to place a napkin under it to protect the table from moisture. I have gotten so accustomed to my method that I don’t even think about it. When I get a drink I automatically get a napkin too or something else to put under my inadequate coaster.

Yesterday I had a two and a half hour wait before I could be seen at the Apple store. (Dropped my laptop. Story for another day.) The Apple store is at the mall and most people would probably enjoy spending the time shopping. I, on the other hand, abhor shopping of any kind. Shopping immediately drains every bit of energy right out of me.

I had to find something to do before my appointment, so I went to the nearest home goods store. Since I had so much time, I decided I would just go down most of the store aisles and see if I needed anything. While browsing I passed the coasters and remembered that I had an ample supply, so I didn’t need to purchase any new ones.

Did you notice something? I have lots of coasters. More than the two I previously mentioned. Probably because I had just seen the coasters yesterday, this morning as I looked at my sad little disappearing wicker coaster I remembered that I had plenty of other coasters in the kitchen. As I remembered that, it was like my brain was saying “Duh”. I had to stop and think about that. Why is it that I acted like this ratty old coaster was the only one I had? Why did I make accommodations for something that clearly was no longer suited for what I needed? Was it because it was the only one I had in that location? My wicker coaster wasn’t a part of the coaster collection that I keep in the kitchen. It was like my mind figured since this one was out of place, I was only limited to coasters similarly located, i.e. in my bedroom. Where did that limiting logic come from and was I using such logic in other areas of my life with far more debilitating consequences?

It wasn’t true that I only had one coaster. I actually had an abundance of coasters readily at my disposal. All different kinds, shapes, sizes, colors and themes. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, I already had just what I needed.

During this time of pandemic uncertainty and the correlating stressors, please don’t be like me and overlook the obvious as we enter a new dawn. Be open to new ideas, people, experiences and possibilities. But most of all remember: You already have what you need!

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